A dental office with a focus on advanced dentistry and cosmetics.

How we design teeth to make you smile.

Dr. Ressler is a U-PENN / NYU-trained cosmetic dentist and dental implant specialist with over 25 years of experience in building beautiful smiles. Our state-of-the-art office offers gentle procedures, the latest CEREC™ digital scanner for dental ceramics, 3-D digital imaging, and a first-class experience by a caring doctors and their staff.

Our dentists use modern techniques include bonding, veneers, porcelain and non-metal ceramic crowns as well as CEREC same-day dentistry and complete smile makeovers. Master dental laboratory technicians help us deliver the most natural and life-changing smiles possible in dentistry today.

Experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly: two top-rated dentists and three amazing dental hygienists, with 5-star ★★★★★ gentle care and personal attention! Check out our great reviews on:

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How we can help.

The basics. Our patients want beautiful teeth and healthy gums. Great-looking teeth begin with a solid foundation!

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A complete dental exam and professional teeth cleaning is always the first step to insure you can keep them healthy for a lifetime.

gum disease and tooth loss diagram

We clean and polish your teeth to prevent gum disease.

gum disease and tooth loss diagram

We check for cavities in grooves of teeth and under existing dental work.

cerec same day crowns and boynton dentist

A complete dental examination is so important, because gum problems and even tooth decay are usually hiding silently without symptoms.

crowns and veneers in boca raton

Some older dental work may need to be updated, and broken or missing teeth repaired or replaced.

What to expect on your first dental visit.

Most patients aren't even aware of the minor changes to the shapes of our teeth as we age, and how the position of our teeth shift and change over time.

  • A complete dental examination
  • 2-D digital x-ray imaging of teeth
  • gum and periodontal examination
  • check for decay under existing fillings or crowns
  • implant consultation for any missing teeth
  • a plan of action to address any cavities or gum problems

Once a plan of action is developed, a second visit may be needed for some additional planning with the latest dental technologies.

  • dental photography of your teeth and your smile
  • A 3-D digital scan for advanced treatments
  • A BEFORE and AFTER smile simulation
  • teeth whitening strategies
  • evaluation of crowded or crooked teeth
  • an Invisalign® 'My straight-teeth' simulation

We check all of our patients for hidden gum disease, as well as gum recession.

Gum recession happens when the gum and bone that supports your teeth are damaged by bacteria and germs, or trauma as is so common in night-time clenching.

  •   red, bleeding, or swollen gums
  •   tartar stuck on roots of teeth
  •   bone loss and gum shrinks
  •   teeth loosen and fall out

What are the risks of ignoring my gum disease?

Poor dental health can make you sick.

gum specialist in Boca Raton advises on health risks of periodontal disease and bleeding gums

Losing your teeth is bad enough, but did you know that untreated gum problems can shorten your life? Gum disease has been shown to increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, certain types of cancers, and increased difficulty with diabetic control. Taking charge of your gum disease and dental problems will help protect your overall health!

CEREC™ all-ceramic digital crowns

Digital precision for the best possible fit.

An all digital process delivers beautiful ceramic crowns.

  •   all-ceramic crowns (no metal)
  •   beautiful life-like restorations
  •   no need to wear temporaries
  •   digital scan (no goopy impressions)
  •   usually completed in a single visit!

no goopy impression material dentist delray
same day CEREC crowns

CEREC 3-D robotic printers mill beautiful all-ceramic crowns in our office.

Laser gum treatment available for gum disease and other cosmetic treatments

A high-tech approach to typical gum issues.

Above and deep below the gum line - plaque, tartar, and bacterial calculus are cleaned off the teeth.

  •   laser cleans out gum pockets
  •   removes tartar below the gumline
  •   disinfects and kills germs
  •   promotes healing
  •   helps gums re-attach
  •   deeper treatment of gum disease

below the gum line: our laser with special cleaning instruments blast away disease-causing deposits.

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State-of-the-art dental implants, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, and gum treatment - all in one office!

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NYU trained gum specialist and dental implant dentist

Ultra-modern office, 3-D digital imaging, computer-guided treatments, with caring doctors and three amazing dental hygienists.

boynton beach dental implants
The latest technology in a friendly, modern office.

Advanced dentistry and smile makeovers

Dr. Ressler is also a cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, and uses before-and-after simulations with digital photography to deliver natural-looking and life-changing smiles! We offer All-on-4™ and Teeth-in-a-Day™ dental implant solutions, and present all of your options for replacing missing or failing teeth.

We are a private specialty office with a dedicated staff of two doctors and three dental hygienists. Our mission is to give our patients the best possible care with one-on-one personal attention.

Exams and Consultations

Dental Second Opinions

Reasonable Alternatives

periodontist in delray beach

We focus on aesthetics and cosmetics in dentistry. We help make your gums healthy, rebuild lost smiles, and repair and replace broken or missing teeth.

Expert care by a U PENN / NYU-trained dentist and implant specialist.

Choosing a dentist is an important decision. In addition to 25 years of experience as a dentist, periodontist, and implant specialist, Dr. Ressler has established one of the most technologically advanced dental offices in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach area.
dentist checking for gum disease
delray beach dentist before and after

Technology for better results.

His modern office is equipped with a 3D C.T. scanner and a Lightwalker periodontal laser system to help save your teeth and treat gum problems safely and comfortably.

Dr. Ressler is one of the few dentists in the area to use Zeiss surgical operating microscopes for high-precision cosmetic dentistry procedures.
infected gum treatment bleeding gums

Check out some of our amazing smile makeover BEFORE and AFTER's

4 examples of actual patients we've helped build better smiles, allow them to enjoy their favorite foods again, and restore self confidence. Come visit us, and learn how we can help you.

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cosmetic dentist in delray and boynton
A younger look - replacing old and unattractive crowns
boynton beach cosmetic dentist before and after
Replacement of crowns
  •  digital planning
  •  doctor designs teeth
  •  test-drive in temps
  •  custom glazing
  •  custom color match
pointer for information on fix receding gums
cosmetic dentist in delray and boynton
Dramatic improvement - complete smile makeover
Total smile makeover
  •  gum treatment
  •  salavage teeth
  •  digital design
  •  test-drive temps
  •  final ceramics
pointer for information on fix receding gums
cosmetic dentist in delray and boynton
Straightening worn teeth - crowns & gum recontouring
Complete smile re-build
  •  treatment of cavities
  •  Invisalign® straightening
  •  laser gum surgery
  •  digital design
  •  zirconia crowns
pointer for information on fix receding gums
cosmetic dentist in delray and boynton
Veneers and whiter teeth - looks 20 years younger
Porcelain veneers
  •  thinner than crowns
  •  for special situations
  •  digital smile design
  •  test-drive in temps
  •  very dramatic results
pointer for information on fix receding gums
* actual before & after dental photos - some information and photography substituted to maintain patient anonymity
The best way to find out how to improve your smile is to schedule a visit with us.

Our new patient introductory special has made it easier than ever to meet us and learn more about taking care of your dental health.

We can design a custom smile just for you.

At RESSLER DENTAL, you can choose how your new teeth will look by helping us design and preview your new smile!

Ceramic teeth can be crafted in any color from a very natural clean white and bright look to a more youthful, sun-bleached shade.

Teeth can also be shaped in different ways for a more masculine or feminine look. Softer lines or more defined edges help you get the result you want - and we always help you choose.

Learn more by taking a tour of our digital smile design process step-by-step.

boynton beach dental implants
invisalign dentist in boynton and delray beach

We do more than just cosmetic dentistry!

Here are some other services you can ask us about on your first visit.

  • dental cleanings and x-rays
  • dental implants
  • cavities and fillings
  • dental second opinions
  • gum treatment
  • periodontal maintenance
  • deep cleaning
  • scaling and root planing
  • periodontal cleanings
  • frenectomy
  • periodontal surgery
  • non-surgical gum treatment
  • receding gums treatment
  • gum grafting
  • Chao Pinhole technique
  • teeth whitening
  • Invisalign® to straighten teeth
  • invisible braces
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • tooth extractions
  • bone grafting
  • sinus elevation-lifts
  • biopsy in mouth
  • 3-D dental scan (CBCT)
  • snap-on dentures
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • before-and-after simulations
  • dental crowns and tooth caps
  • veneers, crowns, and bonding
  • CEREC same-day crowns
  • smile makeovers
  • emergency dentist services
  • emergency periodontist services
  • All-on-4 dental implants
All performed in-house by our doctors and dental hygienists.

Recognition & reviews

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Our patients have some very nice things to say about us !!

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delray boynton dentist reviews
learn more about Chao pinhole fix receding gums method for gum treatment
Our office is located at 15300 Jog Road, Suite 201 in Delray Beach, just south of Atlantic Ave. on Jog Road. We're 5 minutes north of Boca, and only 5 minutes south of Boynton Beach. Use Atlantic Ave. exit from I-95 or the Turnpike - serving all of Palm Beach County.
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We do acccept dental insurance, but ONLY as an 'out-of-network' provider. We do NOT accept dental HMO's, Medicare, or Medicaid. We do offer patients financing and payment plans through three different lenders.
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Easy on-line and at home credit applications available - you may qualify for: convenient monthly payments, 12 months interest-free financing available, or 24, 36, 48, 60, and 72 month options at competitive rates.

The RESSLER DENTAL specialty team

      experienced, caring, and trusted

RESSLER DENTAL STAFF - high res photo - about the doctor
top (L-R): Dr. Ressler, Dr. Blum, Pilar (hygienist), Brooke (hygienist)
bottom (L-R): Maria (hygienist), Leslie (office manager), Ofir (assistant), Lisa (assistant)

We can't wait to meet you!
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