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Expert cosmetic dentistry, veneers, metal-free crowns and smile makeovers

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Dr. Ressler, a U-PENN / NYU-trained specialist, is a member of the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Our state-of-the-art office offers bonding, veneers, porcelain and ceramic crowns as well as CEREC same-day dentistry and complete smile makeovers.

Dr. Ressler uses before-and-after simulations with digital photography, and works with master dental laboratory technicians to deliver the most natural and life-changing smiles possible in dentistry today.

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Experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly

Highly-reviewed ★★★★★ with 5-star gentle care and personal attention!

Why patients travel from all over South Florida to see
Dr. Ressler for cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers.

Experience and training.

Dr. Ressler received his dental degree from the University of Pennsylvania (D.M.D.) and three years of training in dental implant surgery at New York University during his residency as a periodontal specialist.

Dr. Ressler has well over twenty years of experience in Manhattan and South Florida making beautiful smiles and performing a wide range of dental and oral surgery procedures.
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Dr. Ressler helps transform another smile using porcelain veneers with Emax ceramics for an ultra-natural, life-like look.

Technical expertise.

Dr. Ressler has been trained in both the surgical aspects of dentistry as well as cosmetic dental treatments and has received advanced training at the world-renown SPEAR dental institute in both restorative dentistry and CEREC ceramic design.

In other words, patients can have any needed periodontal or surgical dental treatments as well as general and cosmetic dental care, performed by a caring expert dentist and dental implant specialist, all under one roof.

Dedication to his patients.

Dr. Ressler’s goal is to deliver the best cosmetic dentistry possible, using modern, high-strength ceramics for the most natural color and appearance of the final result.

Smile with a greater sense of confidence! Cosmetic dental treatment can help you to enjoy your favorite foods again, end the embarassment of missing or unattractive teeth, look younger, and help you live the kind of life you deserve.

Life-changing cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers

Recent success stories from some of Dr. Ressler's actual patients

Porcelain and Zirconia crowns
Lisa was unhappy with her crowns made years ago on her front teeth that had worn and discolored over time. She had them replaced over the years by different dentists, but had always thought that their shape and color wasn't quite right.

Lisa decided she wanted to see an expert dentist experienced in cosmetic dentistry. After consulting with Dr. Ressler, she understood that the shape of her new teeth would be designed on a computer and 3-D printed in a temporary form used to "test-drive" her new smile. This way, Lisa and Dr. Ressler were able to work together to refine the design so both patient and doctor would be happy with the final result.
CERAMIC VENEERS before and after
COSMETIC DENTISTRY before and after
CERAMIC VENEERS before and after
CROWNS before and after
The original crowns did not match her other teeth, and were too sharply angled, unnatural looking, and masculine in appearance. The profile was also too flat and did not support her upper lip well at all.

Lisa's new crowns have more feminine and rounded edges better suiting her smile and shape of her face, and are far more attractive. Dr. Ressler's careful attention to these details was critical to achieving a successful outcome.
Our modern process:

  •  Before photos and exam
  •  Digital scan & smile design
  •  3-D temporary print
  •  Teeth prep with microscope
  •  Smile test-drive with temps
  •  All-ceramic crowns
  •  Final shading/matching
We helped Lisa achieve:

  •  Better health around crowns
  •  Natural teeth shape
  •  Brighter color
  •  Beautiful appearance
  •  Movie-star smile
Lisa's gorgeous new teeth were made with the most natural looking ceramic materials, and her new smile really speaks for itself.
Porcelain and Ceramic Veneers
Sharon had always dreamed of having beautiful teeth like the models she has seen flipping through the pages of fashion magazines. After careful planning and preparation, Dr. Ressler helped Sharon transform her smile with ceramic veneers over the course of just a few visits.

Our digital scanning process reduces the use of goopy impression materials, and creates a smile simulation to help you see what your new smile will look like before you even begin.

Cosmetic dentistry provides a more youthful and attractive appearance and can open up new opportunities in both work and social situations.
CERAMIC VENEERS before and after
PORCELAIN VENEERS before and after

PORCELAIN VENEERS before and after
In comparison with dental crowns which require a greater reduction to tooth structure, veneers need far less alteration to the underlying teeth.

All procedures are done with local anesthetic, take approximately three to four comfortable treatment visits, and can provide beautiful, long-lasting results.
Our modern process:

  •  Deep cleaning
  •  Removal of defective fillings
  •  Treatment of cavities
  •  Digital scanning
  •  Approval of smile simulation
  •  Ceramic veneers
We helped Sharon achieve:

  •  Healthy teeth & gums
  •  Whiter & brighter smile
  •  Beautiful appearance
  •  More youthful "wow" look
Ceramic crowns, laser for gum recontouring, teeth whitening, and invisible braces to straighten teeth
Despite his young age, Andrew's teeth were severely worn, discolored, uneven, and unattractive. He was unhappy with how he looked and visited our office seeking a better appearance. Dr. Ressler used digital computer technology to simulate the look of Andrew's new smile, and then performed Invisalign treatment to straighten his teeth.

After the teeth were aligned and whitened, Dr. Ressler used his expertise as both a gum specialist and a cosmetic dentist to complete the transformation with gum recontouring and precisely-fit ceramic crowns to restore and reshape Andrew's teeth for a handsome smile.
cerec crowns cosmetic dentist before and after
cerec crowns zirconia before and after
Andrew's teeth were severely worn and mis-aligned due in part to night-time grinding of his teeth. Invisible clear aligners straightened his teeth in a matter of months.

Dr. Ressler used laser techniques to reshape the gumline, and beautiful porcelain and zirconia crowns to restore his smile. A soft rubberized guard worn at night was made to fit over Andrew's new teeth to protect the final results.
Our modern process:

  •  Straighten teeth
  •  Computer smile simulation
  •  Laser shape gumline
  •  Digital scan - no goop!
  •  Expertly-fitted ceramic crowns
  •  Nightguard for grinding
We helped Andrew achieve:

  •  Repair of worn/broken teeth
  •  Gummy smile correction
  •  Bigger smile with straighter teeth
  •  Handsome appearance
  •  Improved self-confidence
Saving teeth with laser gum treatment and porcelain and zirconia crowns
Ellen was very upset after she was told by another dentist that all her teeth were hopeless and needed to be taken out. Dr. Ressler, a gum specialist and expert in saving teeth, treated her periodontal disease and removed areas of decay. State-of-the-art zirconia crowns and bridge work, often used in combination with dental implants, can help people enjoy their favorite foods again, give them a brighter and whiter smile, and even restore lost confidence!
cerec crowns cosmetic dentist before and after
High-tech dental instruments provide alternatives to the dental drill and help treat complicated dental issues.

Dr. Ressler works under a surgical operating microscope, using the latest technology like piezo-electrics, radiosurgery and laser to make the patient experience more comfortable.
Our modern process:

  •  Deep cleaning
  •  Laser gum treatment
  •  Repair of tooth decay
  •  Rebuilding broken teeth
  •  Teeth whitening
  •  Zirconia dental crowns
We helped Ellen achieve:

  •  Healthy teeth & gums
  •  Whiter & brighter smile
  •  Improved self-confidence
  •  More youthful appearance
An expert smile makeover with composite bonding and Emax ceramic crowns
With tears in her eyes, Judy explained to Dr. Ressler that she was afraid to smile because she didn't want others to see her darkened and discolored front teeth. She had spent the last few years taking care of her family and had ignored her own needs, but now it was her turn to start taking care of herself.

First, Dr. Ressler removed old failing dental work and cleaned out areas of cavities and decay. Then, plaque and tartar were removed from under the gumline to treat gum disease. After a suitable heaing period, the beautiful all-ceramic crowns were fitted, and for the first time in years, Judy could smile in front of her friends and family!
cerec crowns cosmetic dentist before and after
Emax is a modern dental ceramic stronger than old-fashioned dental porcelain. It is used to make all ceramic crowns without using any type of metal. Not only is it beautiful, it is extremely strong and durable.

Dr. Ressler uses CEREC computer design and 3-D printing technologies to make these beautiful crowns in his office, often in a single visit.
Our modern process:

  •  Treat gum disease
  •  Remove decay and cavities
  •  Design a cosmetic plan
  •  Replace old dental work
  •  Install ceramic crowns
We helped Judy achieve:

  •  Clean, healthy gums
  •  Fresher breath
  •  Saving decayed teeth
  •  Improved self-confidence
  •  Beautiful smile
* actual before & after dental photos - some information and photography substituted to maintain patient anonymity
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State-of-the-art dental implants, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, and gum treatment - all in one office!

All about cosmetic dentistry.

A beautiful smile is one of the first things people notice about us when we make a new acquaintance. Attractive teeth and the improvement in appearance open up a lot of different social, employment, and even romantic possibilities for both men and women. Cosmetic dentistry includes various methods to straighten teeth, repair and correct their shape, and brighten their color.

Teeth whitening
can be accomplished through treating a person's existing teeth with lightening formulations, or using beautiful ceramic veneers to create a brigher, more uniform appearance.
Ceramic or porcelain crowns and dental implants round out the possibilities for bringing you the smile you have always wanted!

And CEREC same-day dentistry, for simpler cases or individual teeth, allows Dr. Ressler to make or replace crowns or caps, with beautiful, high-strength ceramics in a single visit!

A modern dental office.

Choosing a cosmetic dentist is an important decision for you, whether crowning a single tooth, or completely making over your smile. Dr. Ressler has established one of the most technologically advanced dental offices in all of Palm Beach County. He has equipped his office with an in-office 3-dimensional CT scanner to help plan and place dental implants safely and efficiently.
Dr. Ressler is also one of the few doctors in the area to incorporate an medical-grade operating microscope for periodontal treatments, run digital smile simulations for cosmetic dentistry, and use an advanced laser system for treatment of cavities and gum disease.

CEREC same-day (no-temporary needed) porcelain crowns can be printed right in the office while you wait, and a Primescan digital camera can be used as a modern alternative to the old-fashioned goopy impressions!

But what if I just need a single crown or two?

Introducing CEREC 3D in-office ceramic teeth printing!

Beautiful, great-fitting high-strength ceramic crowns while you wait- no temporaries, no goopy impressions!

Take advantage of CEREC same-day dentistry!

CEREC 3-D in-office same day ceramic teeth printing

Beautiful, great-fitting ceramic crowns while you wait- no temporaries, no goopy impressions!

CEREC same-day crowns

CEREC crowns are highly accurate and life-like all-ceramic dental crowns (sometimes called caps) produced using an impression-free 'no goop' digital scan, and designed on a computer screen and printed on a 3-D printer (CAD-CAM mill) while you wait!

  •  all-ceramic crowns (no metal)
  •  beautiful life-like restorations
  •  no need to wear temporaries
  •  digital scan (no goopy impressions)
  •  usually completed in a single visit!

boynton beach dental implants
State-of-the-art dental implants, crowns, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, and gum treatment - all in one office!

Beautiful one visit ceramic crowns

Smile makeover simulation!

before and after cosmetic dentist

Less time at the dentist!

Take the first step towards your beautiful new smile.
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How PrimeScan digital scanning makes your dental visit easier!

Most dentists use loose, dripping, goopy material loaded into a tray inserted into their patient's mouth for all of their dental work. But patients usually dislike it! And unfortunately it was the only alternative to take dental impressions for many years.

Times have certainly changed! Dr. Ressler and his staff use a digital video camera that takes over 6000 pictures each second to display a super-accurate 3-D model of your teeth that can be used for cosmetic dental work, straightening teeth, or dental implants!
From 3-D printed ceramic teeth while you wait to digital smile makeover before-and-after simulations, PrimeScan cameras and digital technology brings more comfortable cosmetic and dental implant treatments to our patients in a way never before possible!

Another 5-star patient review:

"We recently moved to Boca from New York and found the most amazing dentist. My husband and I have a great deal of dental work...veneers, implants, etc. We also require periodontal work/maintenance. Thank God we found Dr. Ressler and his amazing staff. They are courteous, professional and beyond sensitive to the needs of their clients. Whether you're dealing with the front office or Dr. Ressler himself the level of care you will receive is beyond measure. I found them when we first arrived here via a dental emergency and would NEVER consider going anywhere else." - P.L.

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Our cosmetic dentistry services

All performed in-house, by our doctors and dental hygienists.

  • dental cleanings and x-rays
  • dental implant consultations
  • dental second opinions
  • periodontal cleanings
  • scaling and root planing
  • deep cleanings
  • teeth whitening
  • laser gum treatment
  • periodontal surgery
  • non-surgical gum treatment
  • fix receding gums
  • periodontal maintenance
  • snoring appliances
  • Invisalign® to straighten teeth
  • invisible braces
  • straighten teeth without braces
  • root canal specialist
  • endodontist on staff
  • All-on-4 dental implants
  • All-on-6 dental implants
  • gum grafting
  • biopsy in mouth
  • same-day dental implants
  • receding gum treatment
  • gum grafting procedures
  • Chao pinhole technique
  • tooth extractions
  • bone grafting
  • sinus elevation-lifts
  • expose and bond impacted
  • 3-D dental scan (CBCT)
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • sleep apnea appliances
  • dental implants done in a day
  • dental crowns and tooth caps
  • veneers, crowns, and bonding
  • CEREC same-day crowns
  • smile makeovers

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