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We perform dental and oral surgery, and tooth extractions.

At RESSLER DENTAL, we serve patients in the Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and Lake Worth areas who seek a gentle, compassionate dentist with over twenty years of experience performing tooth extractions.

Painless dental extractions – the magic of local anesthetic.

Our patients are completely comfortable during tooth extractions because they are made completely numb with local anesthetics (commonly called Novocaine but really lidocaine or mepivicaine). We will never begin a procedure until we are very certain that the experience will be pain-free. Our patients usually thanks us for taking care of them with kindness and compassion, and making their experience with us surprisingly easy!

Your dental visit: what to expect when taking out a tooth.

On your first visit to our office, we will have you complete a health history form, we will ask you for any dental insurance information you may have, and take any needed dental x-ray films. The doctor will examine you, and review all treatment options available to you. We review all anticipated costs of your treatment, and any out-of-pocket expense you may have. Should you need a tooth extraction, the procedure may be scheduled on the very same day, especially if you are visiting us on an emergency basis, or can be scheduled on a convenient second appointment. Following extractions, patients are prescribed appropriate medications, and a follow-up visit is scheduled to monitor the progress of your healing. All patients receive emergency contact information for the doctor should they have any questions or concerns outside of regular office hours.

Extractions are more than just pulling out a tooth.

Removing a tooth solves one problem, but creates another. Missing teeth, not only make it look like a part of you is missing when you smile, but they also allow your other teeth to shift towards the empty space, creating gaps between adjacent teeth, and allowing opposing teeth from the lower or upper jaw to “erupt” or grow in a diseased state into the space from below or above the missing tooth. Replacing missing the preserves your smile, and prevents disturbance of your bite by preventing other teeth from moving around. Tooth replacement options include removable appliances (dentures or space maintainers), dental crown and bridge work, or state-of-the-art dental implants.

Why ridge preservation during extraction is important.

When a tooth is removed from the jaw, the extraction socket will usually heal very well on its own. Unfortunately, normal healing of extraction sockets results in a great deal of shrinkage of the gum and bone in the area of the missing tooth, creating a valley, or depression between the remaining teeth. This shrunken area usually leaves little possibility for dental implant replacement, as the needed bone has melted away during healing. To preserve the shape of your jaw and prevent the collapse of the bone and soft tissue, grafting or “ridge preservation” procedures are used. Ridge preservation involves the placement of artificial, or donated bone into the extraction socket, and sealing the area with a special membrane made of collagen or other material. Most of the bone graft and collagen placed in the extraction socket will melt away within 12 to 16 weeks, and new bone will be grown to give patients the possibility of dental implants or other tooth replacement options.

Tooth replacement: dental implant and alternative options.

To learn more about how dental implant options can help you replace missing teeth, click here.

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