Are you considering a dental implant but wondering how painful the process really is? Well, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, trips to the dentist used to be less comfortable because technology hadn’t come as far as it has now. Painless dental implants is not an impossible goal, it has become a commonplace oral surgery procedure. So how painful are dental implants? You’ll be surprised to learn they aren’t really that painful at all.

Dental Implants Are More Common Than Ever

More people are getting dental implants every day, and the number increases every year. And everyone wants to know how painful dental implants are and what to expect. Dental implants have not only become quite common. According to The American Dental Association, more than 5 million implants1 are placed annually. And the trend is going to increase. The National Library of Medicine predicts that almost 1 in 4 people will have a dental implant in the next 5 years.2 Dental implant surgery has become painless, easier, and more effective. We live in a world where our smartphones are getting smarter, our cars are driving themselves, and dentists can make you new dental crowns that used to take a few weeks in the space of a couple of hours while you wait at the office. And yes, we now live in a world where the process of getting a dental implant is relatively painless.

Painless Dentistry is The Goal

No one should feel any pain. That’s certainly the goal. Your dentist has gone above and beyond to make sure that every minute you are in the dentist's office, you are calm and comfortable. But so many of us have memories of the dentist when we were kids, or we remember toothaches we had that were terrible… This leads us to ask our friends, do dental implants hurt? Well visiting the dentist does not have to be scary. The best dentists understand how patients feel and go out of their way to make sure that all their dental implant patients feel no pain. So again, how painful are dental implants? Well with the right dentist, you can expect a very comfortable experience. And again, technology has come a long way. Most dental implant patients will only feel a slight pinch when they receive their Novocain shot. The pinch itself is dulled by the topical anesthetic gel that is used on the area first. For anyone with a fear of the dentist, rest assured that the dental implant procedure is usually quite painless. In some other cases, medications can be prescribed (a pill that you take a few hours before your treatment) to reduce fear and anxiety and make things flow even smoother.

Will a Tooth Extraction Hurt?

Before answering how painful are dental implants, we have to talk about teeth extractions. Some people will require tooth extraction and grafting, before receiving the dental implant. If there’s a decaying or tooth failing from gum disease that is causing oral health concerns, the right course of action may be extraction. The extraction process itself will not hurt. You will be completely numbed for the entire procedure. However, you will have to endure two Novocain shots before the process begins. The second shot can have a slightly more intense pinch than the first. It’s over within a few moments though and the Novocain shot dulls all your pain sensations immediately. After the tooth has been extracted, you may also have some swelling and tenderness around the extraction area but that will usually subside quickly. Remember: The choice to extract a tooth should never be considered lightly and you should always discuss this option with your dentist. An extracted tooth does not grow back.

Will The Dental Implant Procedure Hurt?

Removing a tooth solves one problem, but creates another. Missing teeth, not only make it look like a part of you is missing when you smile, but they also allow your other teeth to shift towards the empty space, creating gaps between adjacent teeth, and allowing opposing teeth from the lower or upper jaw to “erupt” or grow in a diseased state into the space from below or above the missing tooth. Replacing missing the preserves your smile, and prevents disturbance of your bite by preventing other teeth from moving around. Tooth replacement options include removable appliances (dentures or space maintainers), dental crown and bridge work, or state-of-the-art dental implants.

Will Post-Operative Care Hurt?

After any oral procedure, it is normal for there to be some tenderness, swelling, and light discomfort temporarily, usually mangaged with over the counter pain relievers. Some discomfort can be expected after most procedures. But within 24 – 48 hours after oral surgery, you should start to feel more comfortable. You may also experience some slight bleeding but that should subside within a few days after the procedure.  Always contact your dentist if you are concerned about how you are feeling after a dental extraction or oral surgery.

Life With A Dental Implant

Having gaps in your teeth, or living with decaying teeth can be easily fixed. You can walk into a dental office and design your new smile with the help of your dental implant dentist.
painless dental implants do not hurt
How painful are dental implants really? The short answer is that getting a dental implant is not painful. The process from extraction, to post-care, to the implant procedure, and then to living with an implant, well, that well worth one or two slight pinches and minimal discomfort or pain during the process.

Dentists don’t want to hurt patients.  They want their patients to enjoy their trip to the dentist's office for any procedure, including extraction and dental implant procedures.

Our goal is to help create a smile that you can be proud of, a smile that will make you want to grin from ear to ear every day. If you have any other questions about dental implants or the pain associated with the procedure, talk to an experienced dental implant specialist today.
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