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Laser gum treatment
- a gentle alternative.

Useful information on laser gum treatment from a U PENN / NYU-trained periodontist/gum specialist in Palm Beach county.

Save your teeth.

Laser gum treatment is an alternative treatment to traditional gum surgery without the cutting and stitching required in older treatment methods.

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Laser gum treatment procedure to help save teeth

Steps to remove tartar and calculus from under the gumline and disinfect gum pockets:
  •  clean out gum pockets
  •  remove tartar (calculus) from under the gumline
  •  disinfect and kill disease-causing bacteria

Is there a less invasive way to treat my gum disease and save my teeth?

Treatment for gum disease aims to remove calculus (tartar) and bacterial plaque from under the gum line. In its early stages, gum problems can often be treated with scaling and root planing which is essentially a deep cleaning under the gum line after numbing the teeth and gums.

For patients with more moderate or advanced gum disease and bone loss, more sophisticated treatment is often required to properly clean out deeper deposits of disease-causing calculus (tartar) and to repair and regenerate lost bone that supports the teeth. Laser gum treatment now permits treatment without cutting or stitching and with minimal discomfort following the procedure.


Laser treatment vs. traditional gum surgery


  • No scalpel or cutting of gum.
  • No stitching required.
  • Bleeding after treatment uncommon.
  • Preserves gum between teeth.
  • Gum recession usually minimal.
  • Back to regular activities same day.


  • Cutting and removal of gum tissue.
  • Many stitches usually needed.
  • Post-operative bleeding common.
  • Often leaves large spaces between teeth.
  • Often causes gum recession.
  • Recovery can take a long time.

Our dental laser produces high-energy water pulses that work in concert with state-of-the-art piezo cleaning instruments to loosen hardened bacterial accumulations on teeth roots, clear away harmful toxins, and help treat bleeding gums, periodontal bone loss, and gum disease.

Laser-energized water cleans teeth and flushes out debris from diseased gums

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How laser gum treatment works.

Save your teeth - treat gum disease!

Dr. Ressler will take you through the laser gum treatment process, step-by-step.

Learn how you can prevent additional gum recession and bone loss, improve your breath, reduce risks to your overall health, and save your teeth.

laser gum treatment diagram and technique explanation LASER GUM TREATMENT - STEP BY STEP COMFORT

How much bone loss do you have?

Your teeth are held in by healthy bone. When gum disease destroys the gum and bone that supports your teeth, the gum becomes inflamed, and eventually your teeth start to slowly loosen.

Dr. Ressler examines your dental x-rays, and gently measures the gum and bone loss around your teeth to determine the best way to save your teeth.

diagnosis for gum disease and periodontal laser therapy 1. PROBE MEASURES DISEASE UNDER YOUR GUMS

Your pockets and gum disease.

Gum disease causes gum "pockets" to form around your teeth. Deeper pockets, and deeper measurements, are signs of more severe gum disease.

Larger numbers on the chart mean you have lost more of the bone that holds your teeth in place. Without treatment, these teeth will silently become loose, and eventually fall out or become infected.

laser gum treatment diagram and technique explanation 2. NUMBERS DESCRIBE THE HEALTH OF YOUR TEETH

Minimally-invasive treatment.

Many patients want to avoid traditional gum surgery requiring cutting and stitching of the gums. Dr. Ressler offers alternative treatments using specialized deep cleaning techniques and laser energy.

Patients prefer laser treatment to conventional surgery because of less post-operative swelling and discomfort, and the ability to return to regular activites the very same day.

diagnosis for gum disease and periodontal laser therapy 3. DR. RESSLER SETS UP A LASER AND MICROSCOPE

Your teeth are gently cleaned.

Finally, some good news about gum treatment - it can be very comfortable! Once Dr. Ressler applies local anesthetic, patients typically feel very little sensation as their teeth are cleaned using high-tech water-based piezo instruments.

After the teeth are numbed, most patients become very relaxed throughout the entire laser session.

laser gum treatment diagram and technique explanation 4. ANESTHETIC APPLIED AND DEEP CLEANING BEGINS

Disease starts under your gumline.

Calculus and tartar deposits contain giant clumps of harmful bacteria that firmly stick to the roots of your teeth.

Dr. Ressler uses a surgical operating microscope to guide instruments under the gum line to clean out the deposits and encourage regeneration of lost bone.

diagnosis for gum disease and periodontal laser therapy 5. BACTERIAL DEPOSITS REMOVED WITH WATER & HF ENERGY

Energized water flushes germs.

New technologies allow cleaning with less noise and vibration, making your experience getting gum disease treated even more comfortable.

The instruments generate a stream of warm water and air bubbles that helps destroy harmful germs, and flush away bacterial deposits removed from the roots of your teeth.

laser gum treatment diagram and technique explanation 6. WATER-IRRIGATED INSTRUMENT CLEANS ROOTS

Laser energy cleans the gum tissue.

Dr. Ressler uses two types of laser to treat gum disease. The first laser (Nd:YAG) painlessly vaporizes the diseased lining of infected gum tisssue.

This results in the destruction of germs that cause gum disease, and prepares the gum tissue for reattachment to the roots of your teeth.

diagnosis for gum disease and periodontal laser therapy 7. LASER TARGETS DISEASE-CAUSING GERMS

Laser removes tartar from gum pockets.

Dr. Ressler then uses a second water-cooled laser (Erbium laser) to clean and detoxify the teeth roots. Removal of bacteria from under the gum line is aimed at stopping the bone loss and saving teeth.

Dr. Ressler also uses the Erbium laser to save failing or infected dental implants that have lost their supporting bone.

laser gum treatment diagram and technique explanation 8. ROOTS CLEANED TO HELP REGENERATE GUMS

Enjoy healthier teeth and gums.

Untreated gum disease has been linked to heart attack, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and other systemic diseases as we age.

A clean mouth may not only save your teeth, but improve your overall health and extend your life.

diagnosis for gum disease and periodontal laser therapy 9. GUM HEALTH IMPROVES YOUR OVERALL HEALTH

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Academic and Professional Credentials

Over 20 years of clinical experience in implant dentistry and periodontics

University of Pennsylvania
Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)
Philadelphia, PA

Advanced studies in cosmetic dentistry

New York University
Periodontics/Dental Implantology

three-year specialist perio-implant residency
New York City, NY


  • Laser means no cutting!
  • Laser requires no stitching!
  • Fast healing and minimally invasive!
  • Good alternative to traditional gum surgery!
  • Less post-operative discomfort!
  • Return to normal activities the same day!

Why patients have always feared traditional gum surgery.

Gum disease causes the loss of teeth, often without symptoms, and is a very serious dental condition. Most patients who have gum disease are not aware they have it - and untreated, it persists as a chronic gum infection where bacterial colonies are harbored deep underneath the gum line and slowly destroy bone and tissue around teeth. Despite the devastating effects of the disease, patients have always been somewhat reluctant to have the disease properly treated. Treatment always requires the use of local anesthetic injections, and for some patients that is probably bad enough. But the prospect of surgery with cutting and stitching, discomfort, and extended recovery times can be frightening for even the most seasoned dental patients.

Laser gum treatment is a 3 step process.

What kind of dentist is best qualified to perform laser gum treatment?

Periodontists are surgically-trained dentists who spend an additional three years of university or hospital-based residency training (following four years of dental school) specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease. Periodontists, such as Dr. Ressler, are generally considered the most appropriate type of dental specialist to treat moderate and advanced cases of gum disease due to their advanced training, education, and clinical experience.

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